Incorporated in 2007, W-Conseil serves both an international and local clientele. We take great pride in offering impeccable standards of service to a great variety of clients ranging from local small- and medium-sized firms to high net worth individuals from all over the world.

As a member of the Ordre des Experts-Comptables (O.E.C.), the representative body for chartered accountants in Luxembourg, W-Conseil is an independent fiduciary firm offering high-end company domiciliation and administrative as well as accounting services. Today, we are a strong team of around twenty five people with many years of experience and highly complementary sets of skills.

Business Centre

Situated within the Luxembourg municipality, in direct vicinity of major motorway connections, our business centre welcomes you in a professional and discreet setting where you will find a fully equipped professional environment for the setting up of your company.

We offer comprehensive services geared towards the development of your business: completely fitted out, individual office space and large meeting rooms with state of the art technology and high end, modern furniture. Comprehensive reception services are guaranteed during business hours.

Our trained and considerate staff will take care of your every need in a calm and pleasant atmosphere.


W-Conseil offers all the services necessary to the development of your company:

  • Incorporation,
  • Domiciliation,
  • Accounting services
  • Tax,
  • Corporate and administrative services,
  • Substance offers.


Contact Head Office:

Address: W-Conseil S.à r.l.
24, rue Astrid
L-1143 Luxembourg
Tel : +352 28 37 22 1
Fax : +352 28 37 22 99
Email: info@wconseilgroup.com

Contact Business Centre:

Address: W-Conseil S.à r.l.
10A, rue Henri M. Schnadt
L-2530 Luxembourg - Cloche d’Or
Tel : +352 28 37 22 1
Fax : +352 28 37 22 99
Email: info@wconseilgroup.com